Seven tenths of Planet Earth is covered in a watery wilderness. It is a wilderness that is home to some of the world’s most formidable predators, intelligent social marine mammals and assortments of fish more colorful and diverse than any other group of creatures found in any realm.

Two great currents, the warm Agulhas and the cold Benguela, wash the east and west coasts of Southern Africa. It is within these productive and volatile waters that some of the world’s great predators and charismatic mega fauna are to be found.

Chris’s primary photographic focus is on the great predators of the ocean, those animals that stir deep emotions within in us every time we venture beneath the waves.

For over a quarter of a century he has deeply embroiled his daily life with many creatures of the ocean, none more so than the captivating, notorious and above all magnificent, Great White Shark.

“The Great white shark doesn’t move in the water, the water moves with a great white, such is it’s fluidity of movement.”

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