Artist statement


My aim is to profoundly touch my audience in a way that emotionally connects each with my subject through a polarized range of emotions from acknowledgement of what we have lost, to a desire to conserve the magnificence of what remains.

Ultimately, I wish to unearth in my audience a primal desire to get in touch with the natural world that is our shared origin across all species.

If my photographs can help to achieve this, then I believe there is another person on the path to sharing the planet rather than conquering it.


elephant walk
elephant wildlife photography


I use an artistic style that is simple, uncluttered and attempts to empower rather than overwhelm my subjects. To achieve this, significant thought goes into backgrounds, mood and overall composition.

All my subjects are completely wild and as a result, a respect for my subjects coupled with tolerance by my subjects, is vital in order for me to create imagery in the unprotected close quarters that I often find myself in. To earn this privilege requires substantial time in the field.

Whenever possible I work at eye level to create a feeling of being with my subject rather than having dominion over it.


To create this feeling often means photographing from very low angles and using novel techniques that require substantial trial and error.

My overriding objective is to bring all these components together in a fine art work that does justice to the natural world’s most iconic subject matter that I am so privileged to find before my lens.


shark and camera man