Artist Statement

My work reflects my passion for wildlife and the natural world in a way that aims to bring the very essence of what makes each species unique to the fore.

My artistic style is realistic but very intimate in that I purposefully try to bring my audience into the subjects life at eye level and in that way create a feeling of being with my subject rather than having dominion over it.

To create this feeling often means photographing from very low angles and using novel techniques that require getting very close to my subjects.

My composition style is clean and unobstructed with landscapes that empower rather than overwhelm my subjects resulting in a work that is impactful whilst still clean and pleasing on the eye.

My aim is to profoundly touch my audience in a way that emotionally connects them with my subject matter through a polarized range of emotions from guilt and sadness for what we have lost to awe and respect for what is left.

Ultimately I wish to unearth in them a primal desire to get in touch with the natural world that is our shared origin.

If I can achieve this then I believe there is another person on the path to sharing the planet rather than conquering it.

© Chris Fallows 2018