Corporate Partners

Weatherbys Private Bank

A significant objective of mine is to visually inspire individuals or corporates who are in

positions of influence or affluence, to stand tall and contribute to protecting biodiversity.

In 2021, Weatherbys Bank Private Bank partnered with Chris Fallows Photography to showcase and exhibit The 11th Hour collection at their London office. In the same year, Weatherbys Bank was voted UK’s Private Bank of the Year.

CEO, Roger Weatherby, stated, “There is no doubt that now is the time for us all to stand up and do everything we can to support and protect our planet.”

“I hope Chris’s “11th Hour Collection” motivates us all to think about what we can do to help protect our Planet’s threatened wildlife and support our future generations.”     

shark emergence photo


For the past 20 years, I have gratefully been supported by Canon South Africa and in 2020 I was honored to have been named as a Canon Ambassador for Africa.

Ambassadors are selected image makers who spearhead change and share Canon’s passion for visual storytelling. Bold and inspirational, the Canon EMEA Ambassador Programme represents and supports current and future generations of photographers and filmmakers.

“The Ambassadors are an amazing group of people who can talk about the industry, our products and their genre of photography from a unique perspective,” says Susie Donaldson, ITCG European Marketing Director for Canon Europe. “That might be through workshops or education, or through the amazing images and videos they create which inspire our customers to do more and challenge themselves.”

Dubai Airports

Throughout my life I have endeavoured to draw awareness and effect positive change to our planet’s wildlife.

One of my key objectives is to find prominent locations, institutions and individuals that will afford the opportunity of my fine art photography, and accompanying narrative, to reach as wide and influential an audience as possible.

In this regard, I am honoured to form a significant partnership with Dubai Airports, the operator of the world’s leading international airport

Travellers passing through (DXB) can now immerse themselves in a powerful exhibition that highlights the urgent need for conservation efforts to protect our planet’s endangered species.

“Dubai Airports is a signatory of The Buckingham Palace Declaration and a member of the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce,” said CEO Paul Griffiths. “We’re dedicated to supporting global efforts to combat illegal wildlife trade and ensure a safer future for earth’s wildlife and biodiversity. This stunning exhibition reaffirms Dubai Airports’ commitment to conservation and sustainability.”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I hope the narrative conveyed through these photographs speak volumes about DA’s anti trafficking and sustainability efforts, and to the magnificence of the iconic species we share our planet with. It has been my honour to spend a life in their company, and my duty to share this visual journey of creating awareness and inspiring hope through the art of photography.

Kashaf Global

Advisory Partnership with Kashaf Global

Conservation wears many hats, and in this instance, I am honored to act as an advisor to Kashaf Global, a boutique advisory firm connecting ideas with capital. Kashaf connects entrepreneurs, leading venture capital and private equity funds, and alternative asset managers with the right partners on a global basis.

The collaboration between Chris and Kashaf Global focuses on identifying impactful marine and terrestrial conservation projects in Sub Saharan Africa, and then additionally providing advisory services and fundraising services for these causes. We will seek to connect philanthropic capital directly to conservation projects with measurable impact, capital efficiency and full transparency.

Kashaf Global is also the producer of my conservation exhibition, The 11th Hour, currently on display at Dubai International Airport ( DXB). The exhibition ensures important messaging around sustainability and protecting our natural world has the potential to heard by the nearly 89 million annual travellers through DXB.