About Chris Fallows


Chris Fallows was born in South Africa in 1972 and his first ever African safari was at two years of age. His first memory in life was that of being chased up a tree by a warthog! Since that time his whole life has been about wildlife and his passion to observe animals in their natural habitat whilst seeking out what makes each species so spectacular.

In 1996 Chris was the first person to discover and photograph the now famous breaching Great White Sharks of South Africa. It was this discovery that bridged the gap between Chris being a wildlife naturalist to a dedicated photographer intent on capturing this never before seen behavior in order to showcase and bring it to the world.

After spending nearly 3 decades in the field Chris built up an incredible portfolio of iconic imagery and became a world renowned authority on great white sharks.
Chris met his wife, Monique, in 1999 and since then the couple have been a team, sharing all experiences and encounters together in the field.
When not on the ocean, they spend their time in the African bush or at other remote locations around the world immersing themselves in, and photographing wildlife.

Chinstrap penguins in beautiful weather and surroundings
chris fallows exhibition

Fine Art Photography

In October 2020 Chris released his life’s work, The 11th Hour, at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London as a Limited Edition photographic print collection. The collection includes some of the world’s most recognizable Fine Art wildlife photographs and is a timeous reflection of global shifts towards sustainability and co-existence that is receiving widespread acclaim.

Chris’s work focusing on our Planet’s icons, represents authenticity, intimacy and emotion. The engaging manner in which he photographs his wild subjects, often alone at extremely close quarters, bears testimony to the decades he has spent in some of the world’s most remote regions getting to earn the trust of his subjects. Chris works uniquely across all three realms of Ocean, Air and Earth.
Using his art work as a conjugate, both visually and through meaningful narrative, his purpose is from the coal face to tell an incredibly important and authentic story pertaining to our Planet at a relevant time in its history.

Chris’s objectives are twofold, to highlight the threats facing our planet and simultaneously inspire individuals, corporates and the next generation to celebrate our planet’s remaining natural icons and adopt new ways to sustainably co-exist and protect biodiversity.

Great white shark Documentary Work

Chris and Monique have for the past 25 years been involved in facilitating great white shark documentaries with notable film makers such as The BBC, National Geographic and The Discovery Channel.

Highlights include:


Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Shark, Africa, Life

National Geographic

The 20th Anniversary of Jaws – with Peter Benchley

Discovery Channel 

Chris has been the primary host of the famous Air Jaws franchise on Shark Week from 2001 to 2021 seen annually by more than 30 million viewers in the US alone.

This franchise of some 14 Documentaries includes Emmy nominated, Ultimate Air Jaws.

ocean wildlife photography
lion wildlife photography

Book Publication

In 2008 Chris published a book with PQ Blackwell titled Great White and The Majesty of Sharks. 25,000 copies were sold worldwide.

Public speaking

Chris is an accomplished guest speaker and speaks regularly at engagements for some of the world’s most well respected institutions as well as at bespoke events, on 6-star Crystal Cruises ships and at various corporate and conservation sponsored events across 14 different countries.

Noted Events and Locations 

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium, California, USA
  • Virtuoso Event, Las Vegas, USA
  • Crystal Cruises, Antarctica, South Pacific, Africa, South America.
  • Volkswagen, South Africa
  • Canon, South Africa
  • Capital Club, Dubai
  • Young Presidents Club, South Africa

Peer reviewed scientific papers

Chris is first and foremost a naturalist and during his time at Seal Island, he, Monique and their team recorded an astounding 10,500 predatory events between Great white sharks and Cape fur seals over nearly 3 decades. 

This is the largest data base of its kind in the world.

From this together with globally respected scientists they have contributed to 18 peer reviewed scientific papers as either Author or Co-authors on the understanding of the remarkable behavior in this area. They have also contributed to numerous other academic papers.


shark on beach