Camera gear

For the past 20 years, I have gratefully been supported by Canon South Africa and in 2020 I was honored to have been named as a Canon Ambassador for Africa.

It is fair to say my gear goes through a lot more than most.

From salty sea spray, blizzards, dusty plains and occasional mud, my gear has been hammered. Add to this a few bites by great whites, lions and hyenas to drop kicks by elephants and buffalo.

All in all I can only say that if the gear can survive what I put it through, it should be good for most!

As much of my work involves getting close to my subjects my 70-200 F2.8 lenses, both the EF and RF versions, have been my go to for 80% of my applications both marine and terrestrial. Being superfast and sharp is vital and in both respects I have never been let down.

ocean wildlife photography

Whilst I love my big prime telephoto lenses, I find for a lot of work in the African bush where for whatever reason I cannot get out of a vehicle, or the situation requires I use a longer lens, my 200-400 F4-F5.6 is very versatile where I have subjects moving at varying distances.

I am using the RF15-35 as my preferred wide angle zoom. 

Currently I shoot with multiple R5 mirrorless bodies and shoot with a 5Dmk IV in my Aquatica housing with an 8-15mm F4 lens.