The Pearl

The Pearl Receives Prestigious Recognition from The BBC as one of 2020’s Most Striking Images.

The Pearl has had quite a run this year since going viral in the launch of the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week Documentary “Air Jaws: Ultimate Breach Off”. From buildings in Times Square to thousands of online appearances the image certainly did the rounds and highlighted just what an incredible fascination the global audience has with powerful wildlife Fine art and photography.

We are now very proud to announce that is has just been recognised by The BBC as one of the 14 most striking images of 2020.

Considering what a year this has been with Covid19, The US Presidential elections, stock market turmoil, catastrophic weather and high profile assignations, it is amazing and encouraging that a Fine Art wildlife photograph is seen as being equally prominent. For Chris this was especially pleasing as this was a work that was all about the beauty and athleticism of the shark, combined with pleasing environmental aesthetics which took a huge amount of time to bring together.


Copyrighted by Chris Fallows @2020