Sentience – “The quality of being able to experience feelings”

War, crypto, AI, stock markets, smart phones, Facebook ,X , TikTok, jewellery, private jets, mansions …

Humans are moving at break neck pace with an irrepressible desire to enrich and have more, irrespective of the consequences to those around us, or the natural world we depend on.

‘Greed’ – the one word that separates us from the other 1.2 million species we share Planet Earth with.

For the next 100 days I would like share with you a moment in time with either a whale or an elephant. I do this, as throughout my life, I have spent thousands of hours in both species’ respective company, and each time has been humbling, peaceful and thought provoking.

These are the two largest living creatures alive in the oceans and on earth. Yet, despite their massive size and formidable strength they are two of the most tolerant and aware species on our planet.

In a time of conflict, greed and disconnect from nature, I believe that all of us can look up to these two great creatures and self-reflect.

I wish those who are open to this, to simply place yourself in the moment that the photograph was taken. There is no need to like it or dislike it, share it or not share I … just feel it.

For a few moments without distraction, be there with the whale or elephant.

In doing so, I believe your world will be a calmer, gentler and more caring place, and one in which accumulation of assets or likes may seem less important than an appreciation of sentience.

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Copyrighted by Chris Fallows @2020