My Photographic Journey through the Air Jaws Documentaries

shark breach

I certainly have been lucky, and whilst I do believe you make your own luck, I am the first to admit the chips have fallen my way more often than not when it comes to getting unique images. There are two strokes of good fortune in my career that stand out in particular. The first […]

Tuskers and Ticks

Tuskers and Ticks

Amboseli National Park, Kenya It’s night number ten, and lying cramped alongside each other in our tiny tent at the foothills of Kilimanjaro, Monique and I realize without saying it that these trips to Amboseli are not just trips with photographic goals, but rather inward journeys of discovery. We are once again wild camping with […]

A Tale of Chasing the Orange & Brobdingnagians


A Brobdingnagian is a thing or creature that is abnormally large; and Chasing the Orange is a term for an individual who tries to never miss out on enjoying sunrises and sunsets. The pursuit of both together is what this story is all about. One of my aims for the past three decades has been […]

Of Fire and Ice

fire and ice

Each year In January we generally spend our time photographing lions in the Central Kalahari Game reserve in Botswana, but with the closure of South Africa’s land borders our trip for 2021 was cancelled. In its place we headed to the far northern reaches of South Africa’s most arid region, the Northern Cape. I was […]

A Bolt of Blue

shark at night

Ingredients: A shot of sharky blue, slightly shaken, with a pinch of salt, garnished with a pilot fish. As part of my fine art portfolio I have two collections. These being the Limited Edition Fine Art black and white portfolio comprising of my very finest works of iconic species and additionally, the Shades Collection which […]

Grace on Granite

leopard on rock

As a fine art wildlife photographer I have a very clear outline of what subjects I like to photograph and in what environment I feel best compliments and befits their very essence. Over the years Monique and I have been very lucky with lions and cheetah and as such I have a collection of Fine […]

Of Crocs and Greener Grass, the Crossing of the Mara River

wildebeest migration

We have seen many of the world’s most intense wildlife spectacles, and watching a Wildebeest crossing of the Mara River is undoubtedly one of them. My aim whilst at Nomad Tanzania’s Lamai Serengeti camp, in Kogatende located in the far Northern Serengeti abutting Kenya’s Maasai Mara, was to focus on capturing Fine Art Photographic images […]

An Elephant called Winona in the land of Salty Dust


Tragically, from as far back as we can remember elephants have been seen as an exploitable commodity, so much so that the Greek word Elephas from which the name elephant was derived, means ivory. Early Arab traders plundered East African elephant populations and were followed by Colonial hunters who took up the challenge of shooting […]

When Sharks go Bump in the Night

hammerhead sharks

For many the thought of plunging into inky black waters with excited hungry sharks swimming all around and sometimes into you might not be their cup of tea but it was for me about as good as it could get. Throughout the day we had watched the numbers and species list of sharks grow until […]

Great White Garden of Eden


Great White Sharks are the Apex Predators of the mid and upper water column, aloof and often lonesome, avoiding close contact with others of their own kind. This is what we are often lead to believe. In part I have helped perpetuate that way of thinking, and in some locations I still believe it to […]