Day 62/100 Peace on Pastel If you’ve never been at water level next to a humpback whale slipping beneath the waves, it goes something like this … A deep resonant draw of breath, an inhalation of air. A little lift of its head, then a sinuous pulse of energy down it’ spine. Bending, then arching, […]


Day 32/100 Infinsea This teenage humpback’s tail fin artistically etches itself against a foggy Atlantic morning off the coast of Cape Town. Known to Happy Whale as HW-MN0800700.  There have been two encounters with this whale off the South African coastline: The Cape Point encounter was within a Supergroup where Alex Vogel and team managed […]

100 Days of Sentience – January 2024

Day 1/100 A Breath of Fresh Air Just as the great equatorial forests are the lungs of Planet Earth, sequestering carbon and producing oxygen, so too are the microscopic creatures called phytoplankton, the marine equivalent. They however, repeat this process on an even greater scale just under the ocean’s surface. The whale’s poop is a […]


Sentience – “The quality of being able to experience feelings” War, crypto, AI, stock markets, smart phones, Facebook ,X , TikTok, jewellery, private jets, mansions … Humans are moving at break neck pace with an irrepressible desire to enrich and have more, irrespective of the consequences to those around us, or the natural world we depend on. ‘Greed’ […]

The Rising Phoenix

Kilombero Expedition Camp, Nyerere National Park, Southern Tanzania October, 2023 Heading to the South Eastern side of Tanzania, we flew towards one of Africa’s truest remaining giant wilderness areas where only the extremely brave and visionary put their shoulder to the conservation grindstone. Six Rivers Africa (SRA) is a not for profit organization funded by […]

A Rewilding Journey

Part 1 – Ruaha National Park, Southern Tanzania Taking an exceptional fine art wildlife image is the end product to my work, but most often there is a journey involved to get to this point. I feel that if I do not take this journey and simply rock up as a tourist photographer, my resultant […]

A Rewilding Journey

Part 2 – Usangu Awakens Our good friend, Brandon Kemp, who had as much experience as anyone we know across all  the great wildlife areas of Southern and East Africa, had for the past few years been telling us we had to visit a place called Usangu Wetlands. He spoke of incredible habitat, no tourists, […]

Just Add Water …

There are no truer words than ‘God bless the rains down in Africa’, for as the first major storm breaks, water flows like glistening tears of joy across the wrinkled cheeks of a parched Serengeti. The result of this deluge triggered one of the most special experiences we have ever had in a lifetime of […]

The Humps are Back!

205 years ago, the whale ship “Essex” set sail from the Port of Nantucket. Filled with hardened seaman, she sailed for months in search of liquid gold, the highly viscous Sperm Whale oil. By 1818 these whales had already been locally extirpated and were incredibly hard to find. A voyage in search of them required […]

My Photographic Journey through the Air Jaws Documentaries

shark breach

I certainly have been lucky, and whilst I do believe you make your own luck, I am the first to admit the chips have fallen my way more often than not when it comes to getting unique images. There are two strokes of good fortune in my career that stand out in particular. The first […]