Day 32/100 Infinsea This teenage humpback’s tail fin artistically etches itself against a foggy Atlantic morning off the coast of Cape Town. Known to Happy Whale as HW-MN0800700.  There have been two encounters with this whale off the South African coastline: The Cape Point encounter was within a Supergroup where Alex Vogel and team managed […]

Jabali Ridge

Ruaha National Park, Tanzania, Sept 2023 Southern Tanzania Part 1 We have been fortunate to visit Serengeti National Park in Tanzania numerous times. East Africa is the birthplace of the quintessential African safari, and not only have we always been drawn to the incredible wildlife and the unparalleled photographic opportunities, but the wonderfully warm and […]

The Usangu Wetlands

Ruaha National Park, Tanzania, Sept 2023 Southern Tanzania, Part 2 Our good friend, Brandon Kemp, former country manager for Asilia Tanzania, had for a number of previous years been telling us about the incredible Asilia Africa project he was heading up. ‘Presence, not profit,’ was how he coined it. It was his strong believe and […]


The black-manned lion is an undisputed African Icon. It is the most spectacular looking of all lions, but due to indiscriminate trophy hunting and poaching, the species gene pool is both small and isolated. There are now but a few locations, primarily in Southern Africa’s arid reaches, that offer a small chance to encounter one […]

Kilombero Expedition Camp

Nyerere National Park, Tanzania, October 2023 Southern Tanzania Part 3 The final leg of our Southern Tanzania trip was to take us to the Msolwa sector of Nyerere National Park. This visit was going to be another very different experience whereby we would be in yet another wildlife area under rehabilitation. But, unlike Usangu that […]

Ocean Wanderer

“I now belong to a higher cult of mortals for I have seen the albatross” Robert Cushman Murphy, October 1912 With a wingspan extending 3.5meters, the Wandering albatross is the bird with the greatest wingspan of any other. These birds can live for over 60 years and mate for life, but not before a protracted and fascinating […]

StART Art Fair – Saatchi Gallery

12 to 15 October 2023 Lekker Gallery is excited to once again be showcasing Chris Fallows’ works in a dynamic new format. For the first time ever, historic print, meets digital lightbox, meets digital images at StART 2023. Last One Standing is a unique Art experience combining narrative and Fine Art Photography into a digital […]

Bob Junior, A Tribute to an Icon of the Serengeti

In the animal kingdom there are those that, just like in the human world, stand out for being exceptional. There are not many of them and I have for over three decades sought them out to create imagery that celebrates these icons of our natural world. It is with a huge mix of emotions that […]


Art with Purpose – Where Icons of the Modern & Natural World Intersect Dates: 2 to 31 March Location: Jumeirah Mina A’Salam Hotel, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai I am honored to launch my Art with Purpose collection of wildife Fine Art photographic works for the first time in the UAE with Dubai art icon, Neel Shukla. […]