Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

Copyrighted by Chris Fallows @2020

Carpe Diem

With the coming of the light comes the great predator who, from his dark watery world, knows that the crimson colours heralding the new dawn also herald a time to hunt.

On many trips to Seal Island over the years, when scanning the seas whilst
we approached I was often lucky enough to see a massive great white shark silhouetted against the brilliance of the morning light as it took flight during a predatory hunt. You needed to be looking at the right spot at exactly the right instant as it was always a fleeting, brilliant moment lasting no more than a split second. The memory of the sight, however, lasts forever.

For years, I had tried in vain to capture such a moment until this particular winter’s morning, when all the key ingredients came together for that fleeting split second of golden brilliance.

I remember lying flat on my stomach waiting, hoping and calling on a higher power to deliver such an opportunity. It was a particularly beautiful sunrise that morning and when the shark leapt, I knew it had the potential for a uniquely beautiful image.

Few sights in nature are as exciting as a soaring 1000-kg great white shark, and when the sight of one leaping is made even more brilliant by a glorious sunrise, well, all you can say in thank you for the opportunity.

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Exhibition: 173cm x 114.5cm (68”x 45”)
Large: 146 cm x 96.5 cm (57.5″ x 38″)
Classic: 118cm x 78cm (46.5” x 31”)

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Exhibition: 12
Large: 12
Classic: 12

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