Bob Junior, A Tribute to an Icon of the Serengeti

In the animal kingdom there are those that, just like in the human world, stand out for being exceptional. There are not many of them and I have for over three decades sought them out to create imagery that celebrates these icons of our natural world. It is with a huge mix of emotions that […]

The Gladiators

Striped Marlin Expedition, Oct 2022 Searching for an image that will do justice to any one of the great natural icons of our Planet is much like fishing. Each day you go out, cast your bait into the sea and hope that your effort will result in reward whereby you catch something truly exceptional. The […]

Namibia, March 2021


Is there a country fairer? Having seen all seven continents many times and travelled the width and breadth of the planet, I pose the question that if its open spaces, endless vistas and wildlife encrusted sandscapes that ticks your box, then perhaps Namibia is the fairest of them all. I have visited Namibia almost annually […]

Kogatende, Northern Serengeti Nov 2020

leopard in serengeti

Whilst most people probably feel it is not the ideal time to travel right now, we have taken a different view. Although we are aware of the risks, and are taking the necessary precautions very seriously, we have also realised that with so few other people travelling, there has never been a better time to […]

Namiri Plains, November 2020

namiri plains lions

Since the South African borders opened on 1 October we have tried to travel as much as possible in order to take advantage of experiencing wildlife areas that are currently quiet in terms of visitor numbers. Both Kenya and Tanzania have offered very good opportunities. In 2018 we had the great pleasure of spending time […]

Air Jaws comes to London this October

The Pearl

Chris Fallows launches The Eleventh Hour Collection to be unveiled at Saatchi Gallery In the wake of the global interest in ‘The Pearl, which went viral in August, we are excited to announce the launch of ‘The Eleventh Hour’, a collection of fine art photography by world-renowned photographer, documentary-maker and conservationist, Chris Fallows. The inspiration […]


elephant landscape

SEPTEMBER 2019 Come what may and no matter what is happening elsewhere in the world, over September and October Chris & I will always be somewhere in the African Bush! This is for us the optimal time to be there as it is at the very peak of the dry season. It’s generally easy to […]



January 2019 This past January Chris & I were to spend 15 days in the world’s second largest game reserve, The Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) situated in central Botswana. When trying to define what a truly wild animal is, I think one must consider that it needs to be able to freely roam its […]