South Luangwa, Zambia

September, 2023 In early September we headed off on our next major expedition as we drove the 4,500 km to the Nsefu area of South Luangwa National Park in Zambia.   This was a long drive, made that much more challenging by ever worsening roads and difficult border crossings the further you go. Kazangula border […]

Jabali Ridge

Ruaha National Park, Tanzania, Sept 2023 Southern Tanzania Part 1 We have been fortunate to visit Serengeti National Park in Tanzania numerous times. East Africa is the birthplace of the quintessential African safari, and not only have we always been drawn to the incredible wildlife and the unparalleled photographic opportunities, but the wonderfully warm and […]

The Usangu Wetlands

Ruaha National Park, Tanzania, Sept 2023 Southern Tanzania, Part 2 Our good friend, Brandon Kemp, former country manager for Asilia Tanzania, had for a number of previous years been telling us about the incredible Asilia Africa project he was heading up. ‘Presence, not profit,’ was how he coined it. It was his strong believe and […]

Kilombero Expedition Camp

Nyerere National Park, Tanzania, October 2023 Southern Tanzania Part 3 The final leg of our Southern Tanzania trip was to take us to the Msolwa sector of Nyerere National Park. This visit was going to be another very different experience whereby we would be in yet another wildlife area under rehabilitation. But, unlike Usangu that […]

West Africa

May, 2023 Warning – blog contains sensitive imagery In May from east of the African equator, we headed West where I was invited to be a guest speaker on Seabourn Cruises  for a trip up the West Coast of Africa.  My particular interest here was to learn about the region, what marine species occurred […]

Fuvahmulah, The Maldives

April, 2023 In April we headed to the tiny island in the far south of the Maldives called Fuvahmulah. Our quest here was to be Tiger Sharks. Having dived with tiger sharks in The Bahamas in crystal clear shallow waters, it was going to take a lot to beat that experience, but I have to […]

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Botswana, February, 2023 This past February we once again packed our beloved tent and headed for a few weeks immersion into Botswana’s Central Kalahari Game Reserve (The CKGR). At 52,800 km2, this is the second largest game reserve in Africa. In this massive space, at any given time, there may only be a hundred people […]

The Serengeti Catwalk

Groomed manes, dappled coats and crimson smiles were much in evidence during our week-long visit to the East Central Serengeti’s, Namiri Plains, this past week. In fact, for anyone serious about photographing or seeing lions or cheetah, there can hardly be a better place on the planet than Namiri Plains. What makes this location that […]

Bob Junior, A Tribute to an Icon of the Serengeti

In the animal kingdom there are those that, just like in the human world, stand out for being exceptional. There are not many of them and I have for over three decades sought them out to create imagery that celebrates these icons of our natural world. It is with a huge mix of emotions that […]

The Gladiators

Striped Marlin Expedition, Oct 2022 Searching for an image that will do justice to any one of the great natural icons of our Planet is much like fishing. Each day you go out, cast your bait into the sea and hope that your effort will result in reward whereby you catch something truly exceptional. The […]