Fuvahmulah, The Maldives

April, 2023

In April we headed to the tiny island in the far south of the Maldives called Fuvahmulah.

Our quest here was to be Tiger Sharks. Having dived with tiger sharks in The Bahamas in crystal clear shallow waters, it was going to take a lot to beat that experience, but I have to say, Fuvahmulah did so with aplomb.

On our first dive we saw no less than 14 different tiger sharks, just incredible! It reminded me of being at Dubai International Airport, and watching a swarm of A380’s buzzing around the runways and terminal aprons.

The tigers were gentle, and almost goofy. As always this is far from the mindless killer’s sensational media or documentaries portray them as.

We did multiple dives with the tigers, and whilst the imagery I captured was engaging, it was not truly exceptional.

I wished to try something else, and so we headed off early one morning for the fish aggregating devices (FAD’s) offshore, hoping to find Oceanic White Tip sharks, or other pelagic sharks.

I had also been encouraged and lured by our guide, Jono’s mention of rare cetaceans in the area, so secretly kept fingers crossed. We headed offshore, and just a few miles out, we spotted splashes on the horizon.

We headed over, and incredibly there before us, were about 300-400 melon headed whales. (Their name is confusing, as they are actually a dolphin species). At first we did several drops into the ocean, and got brief glimpses of these seldom encountered tropical mammals. We quickly learnt however, that the melon heads were highly sociable and in no time became very comfortable with us. I was able to not only have some incredible interactions with them, but also managed a few strong images of this equatorial pelagic nomad.

Melon Heads

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