DXB – Dubai International Airport

Launched – June 2024

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Throughout my life I have endeavored to draw awareness and effect positive change to our planet’s wildlife.

One of my key objectives is to find prominent locations, institutions and individuals that will afford the opportunity of my fine art photography, and accompanying narrative, to reach as wide and influential an audience as possible.

In this regard, I am honoured to form a significant partnership with Dubai Airports, the operator of the world’s leading international airport

Travelers passing through (DXB) can now immerse themselves in a powerful exhibition that highlights the urgent need for conservation efforts to protect our planet’s endangered species.

“Dubai Airports is a signatory of The Buckingham Palace Declaration and a member of the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce,” said CEO Paul Griffiths. “We’re dedicated to supporting global efforts to combat illegal wildlife trade and ensure a safer future for earth’s wildlife and biodiversity. This stunning exhibition reaffirms Dubai Airports’ commitment to conservation and sustainability.”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I hope the narrative conveyed through these photographs speak volumes about DA’s anti trafficking and sustainability efforts, and to the magnificence of the iconic species we share our planet with. It has been my honor to spend a life in their company, and my duty to share this visual journey of creating awareness and inspiring hope through the art of photography.

My subjects are all iconic species or individuals, the greatest of our planet’s living creatures. I do this because I am drawn to them. Who wouldn’t want to feel the thrill of swimming alongside a super predator, being touched by a giant or feeling the rush of wind from the fastest creatures alive.

More importantly however, these iconic species serve as a benchmark, for whether we can lose them, or whether we can save them, sets a mark in the sand that decides future potential for many lessor known animals

As my appreciation of both nature’s virtues and and our planets visage has matured, so has the reality of the pressures they face.

In my short time on this planet my lens has borne witness to extraordinary change.


I can no longer simply strive to create beautiful art works to decorate collectors’ homes or offices, but rather it is my duty by virtue of my intimate and often unique experiences with these icons to tell their true story through the unspoken word of photography.

The two collections on exhibit at DXB, The 11th Hour and Moments in Time, are testament to what my lens has captured. Each photograph is unbiased, it is an historical record of a magical moment in our planet’s natural history.

Like South Africa’s vanquished Great Whites, I have let my shutter fall on the remaining thirty or so super tuskers, I have been transfixed by the stare of the remaining black manned lions, and I have sat under the shadow of the twelve foot wing span of the Wandering Albatross.

All are imperiled.

Conversely, in just the past few years, I have been half deafened by the cacophony of a million king penguins and I have felt the kiss of breath of over a hundred great whales surrounding our boat.

I have also seen firsthand the efforts many individuals and entities are making to turn the tide. My lens, as pained as it was to record the losses, has been inspired to document the successes.

The Exhibition is hosted by Dubai International Airport, in partnership with Four Seasons Ramesh Gallery, and Kashaf Global. It is my artistic declaration to the two choices we as fellow animals on this planet can make as the hours on the clock run down.

One choice is of ultimate loss, including our own kind, based on ignorance, greed and inaction. The other is of hope founded on corrective course and enlightenment.

It is for each and every one of us to decide how the hours of the clock will run down …

All donations from from the exhibition are directed to My Trees foundation in Zimbabwe that focuses on the protection and rehabilitation of habitat, as well as human wildlife conflict mitigation.

Copyrighted by Chris Fallows @2020