Focus Art Fair – CARROUSEL DU LOUVRE, Paris

September 2022 – Leviathan Digital Art Display


Chris, in partnership with MORF AI, has collaborated with their Academy Award Oscar-winning studio team to bring to life his iconic marine piece, ‘Leviathan’. This image has taken him across various oceans, and over a decade in order to capture.

This new moving digital artwork of the iconic ‘Leviathan’ photograph was reimagined in collaboration with Fallows by MORF AI and produced as a new fine art piece placed on the MORF AI ArtStick™.

MORF AI’s ArtStick adds a new experiential dimension with an industry-first technology that transforms any TV or digital screen into a mind-expanding fine art gallery that takes premium collecting to a new level.

MORF AI CEO and Co-Founder, Scott Birnbaum stated, “Chris Fallows possesses the ideal combination of artistic talent, patience, tenacity, kindness, foresight and generosity to use his lens to capture the spirit of the planet’s most iconic creatures. I felt the significance of the precious moments of Chris’s photographs. Each of Chris’ images showcase his magnificent talent and his incredible passion. I knew MORF AI should team up with Chris to help spread the word about saving these incredible creatures. We are honored to add a new dimension to Chris’ work. MORF AI’s digital transformation of “Leviathan” represents humanity’s ability to unleash an infinitely perfect future.”

Chris says: “My collaboration with MORF AI enables an important application of modern technology to showcase the splendor of wildlife to a new audience. I believe the MORF AI team is committed not only to pushing the boundaries of what is now artistically possible with technology, but also to assisting me in my endeavors to inspire and marry the digital world with the need to conserve the natural world.”

Copyrighted by Chris Fallows @2020