Mapping The Post Pandemic (Art) World

7 October 2022 – London – Produced by Samsung and The British Council

“ Working with Samsung and our speakers and audience participants at this moment is a symbol of where science, arts and technology unify with an illustrious knowledge base of panellists at the top of their game. To create meaningful dialogue and enable collective values for collaboration means for an exciting space to rethink and build cultural relations with culture and creativity centred as the key driver for positive shift, the healing we desperately seek and also determine the new genuine truths of our time.”

Skinder Hundal MBE, Global Arts Director, British Council

Curated by Johanna Afrodita Zuleta –

“This is beyond an art forum. We are offering a bolder leadership that bridges silos, to execute urgent solutions. Strengthening the relationships of the art sector in Britain and globally, through a closer more dynamic dialogue, as well as enabling an inter-sectoral understanding on how to build and inspire better wholesome communities. By working on a broader vision together, this art forum will catalyse opportunities for activating solutions.”

Chris Fallows is an invited Panelist on  – The Artists Perspective

Copyrighted by Chris Fallows @2020