Copyrighted by Chris Fallows @2020


Proudly arching high into the illuminating first rays of the morning light, the near perfect vertical disposition of this Humpback Whale’s fluke portends a deep dive into the dark inky depths that await it.

As if in deference to the whale’s decision to exchange the realms of air for ocean, a myriad of diamond like droplets sparkle and dance a final farewell, like a shattered tiara, across a liquid dance floor.

I truly love this image’s unique bold right angle of the hoisted fluke, enhanced by the direct lighting and contrasted by a dark background that illuminates the strong architectural mood of the work.

Available Sizes

Exhibition: 173cm x 116cm (68″ x 45″)

Large: 146cm x 98cm (57.5″ x 38.5″)

Classic: 118cm x 79cm (46.5″ x 31.1″)

Available Editions
Exhibition: 12
Large: 12
Classic: 12

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