The Zebra in the Room

The Zebra in the Room

Copyrighted by Chris Fallows @2020

The Zebra in the Room

Namibia’s Etosha National Park is best known for its dusty air and unforgiving salt encrusted pans whose surfaces shiver in the summer heat with a promise of thirst quenching water, but are rather the cruel trickery of deceptive mirages.

Yet, amongst the brutal elements there are a multitude of habitats that seasonally offer respite from the heat, and yield sustenance from their vegetation.

One of these is the Mopane tree veld that transforms from emerald to citrus to skeletal as the seasons shift. It is a habitat that offers food for elephants, cover for predators and a tapestry of alleyways through which herbivores navigate en route to waterholes and grazing.

Many of these herbivores, most notably the zebras, know that these forests of gnarled trunks with contorted shapes and visages cloak the predators and as such avoid the forest wherever possible.

Yet for some, they have learnt to navigate the treacherous network with a sixth sense for danger. For these few zebra the path is shorter to water and quicker to grazing.

They are the outliers, the odd ones out in a world that is dominated by followers.     

Available Sizes

Exhibition: 173 cm x 92 cm (68″ x 36.22″)

Large:  146 cm x 78 cm (57.5″ x 30.70″)

Classic: 118 cm x 63 cm (46.5″ x 24.80″)

Available Editions
Exhibition: 12
Large: 12
Classic: 12

The Zebra in the Room

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